The Wallflower (Oakmount Elite #1)
The Wallflower Signed Paperback (Oakmount Elite #1) - Beck Romance Books
The Wallflower (Oakmount Elite #1)
The Wallflower (Oakmount Elite #1)
The Wallflower (Oakmount Elite #1)
The Wallflower (Oakmount Elite #1)
The Wallflower (Oakmount Elite #1)

The Wallflower (Oakmount Elite #1)

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★★★★★-"The book hangover is real with this one!! From the moment I finished this book I haven't stopped talking about it, thinking about it, and counting down the days until the next book! I'm completely obsessed!" -Tiffany_Queen_Of_Books

★★★★★-"SON OF A B***H WHAT WAS THAT ENDING? I was absolutely hooked from page one. The push and pull, the toxicity, the possessiveness, the force of their desire. It all left me absolutely freaking breathless." -ARC Review

For fans of dark romance, enemies to lovers, and bully romance. This is book 1 in the Oakmount Elite series. It contains dub-con/non-con, and some other scenes that might be triggering to readers. 

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She needs me, because she needs money.

I don’t need her. Just her complete submission…

Maybell Jacobs is the Wallflower, quiet, shy, socially awkward and hell-bent on hiding even from herself, that is until a chance encounter takes place between us. Instantly she hates me and for good reason. I'm a walking-red-flag. Filthy rich jock, short tempered, and violent. I can have anyone and anything I want.. except her.

Little does she know her disgust, anger, and hate for me fuels my obsession to own her, completely in every single way.

Maybell resists, predictably... but her fight only makes her more desirable and I have plans that will lead her right into my lap and never want to leave.

When she joins the sinful tradition put on by the elite of the town, the Hunt, I’m shocked. The pretty little thing has no idea how much danger she’s in if she decides to become my prey.

Sweet, innocent, and fragile like a flower. I'll have to be careful or risk breaking her.

Because I’m the ultimate predator and when I play there are no rules.

I don’t chase. I capture.

And I like to own my bait.

★ Tropes include: secret society, college, touch her and die, CNC & chasing bait fantasy ★


✨ Bully Romance 

✨ Enemies to Lovers 

✨ College Romance 

✨ Dark Romance 

✨ Opposites Attract 

✨ Bookworm VS Jock 


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