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The Bet: North Woods University #1 Discreet Edition

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The Bet is now available in hardback with a beautiful discreet design.

You can order these with sprayed edges (black) for a full blacked out edition, or just get it in regular. Choose from the drop down menu below. Sprayed edge projects are 2-3 weeks out, however we will update frequently the timeline upon shipment. 


I’ve always been known for bedding women and then breaking their hearts. It’s just who I am. So when a bet I knew I couldn’t lose was presented to me, I knew I couldn’t turn it down.

The rules were simple: draw a name from a hat, then seduce that woman–make her fall head over heels in love with you. I was sure it would be easy until I saw her name inked on the paper.

Jules Peterson.

My first love, my first kiss, and my first heartbreak.

She was my former best friend until she left me when I needed her the most. Now, though? I’ll make her pay. All that anger, hate, and heartbreak tainted me, and I plan to show her just how bad it hurt.

She used to be my everything, but now she’s just The Bet.

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