Northwood University Box Set 4-6
Northwood University Box Set 4-6

Northwood University Box Set 4-6

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This is a Box Set which consist of: The Vow, The Promise & The Jock.

The Vow: Forbidden Age Gap Romance-

After losing my first wife, I vowed to never love again, and for ten years, I’ve kept that promise.

I bed women, maybe take them out for a few drinks, but once that twinkle in their eye gets a little too bright, I cut ties. It’s the only way I know to keep my heart safe.

But then she walks in…

Lily is no longer the little girl I used to know but a woman all grown up with curves and a smile that reminds me of everything I’ve spent the last ten years trying to forget.

The attraction is instant, but it’s wrong on so many levels. She’s here to study, and I’m the newly appointed Dean.

I can’t fall for her and will do anything to make sure she doesn’t fall for me, even if that means making her hate me. But even if I don’t want to admit it, I feel she can be the one to make me love again.

That is if I can let go of the hold her dead sister's memory has on my heart first.

**This is book 4 in the North Woods University series and is a complete standalone with a happily ever after. It contains dark-triggering material suitable for adults only.**

The Promise: A Secret Baby Romance-

Giving my virginity to a stranger was my first mistake.
Lying about my age, my second.

Never expecting to see Lex again, my third. He promised me one night and I took it, never expecting anything in return. Then a few months later, I see something I shouldn’t have and fate brings us back together again. I didn’t mean to see it and I wasn’t snooping. I just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, but that doesn’t matter to them. I’m a liability.

Now Lex is everywhere I am. Following me, watching me, and making sure I don’t tell anyone what I saw that night. He’s dominating, possessive, and downright controlling sometimes. He warns me of how dangerous this could be for both of us. He tells me that he doesn't want to hurt me, but he has no idea what seeing him again is doing to me. Not when I have secrets of my own, secrets Lex isn’t ready to hear.

When all the lies are told and secrets come out, will the promises that we made in the dark be kept in the light?

**This is book five in the North Woods Series. Each book can be read as a complete standalone. Contains adult situations, and themes.**

The Jock: An Enemies to Lovers Sports Romance-

What happens when enemies confide and become lovers?

He was a football god. I was a nobody… until him.

All it took was one frat party for me to notice her. Blair Jensen. Gorgeous nerd with a sharp tongue and give-no-shits attitude. The moment she sneered jock at me, I was captivated. 

Then she poured a beer on my head and walked away without a second glance. Her defiance only made me want her more.

Nobody turned down Cage Wilder, nobody, and so our cat and mouse game started. Her little stunt bruised my ego and embarrassed me, turning me into the laughingstock of the team, so I made a bet with my team-mates. If anyone could bed the nerdy ice queen it was going to be me. Girls lined up to be with me. This would be a piece of cake. At the time, I didn’t know how much I would come to regret that bet. Now the only question is can this jock, win the heart of a girl who never really wanted him at all?

**This is book six in the North Woods Series and is a complete standalone that contains no cheating, and a happily ever after.**

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Was Leser über die Bücher sagen


Dieses Buch ist nicht jedermanns Sache, aber für mich war es der Knaller. Eine einzige Seite und ich war süchtig. -Native Hippes Buchbesessenheit

Rezension von Cruel Obsession

„Ich hätte nicht gedacht, dass dieses Buch ihr letztes übertreffen könnte, aber es hat es geschafft. Es war erstaunlich! Es hatte alles, was eine reichhaltige, zusammenhängende und komplexe Handlung ausmachen konnte, und mehr Wendungen, als man sich vorstellen kann. Und sie waren so wunderbar und strategisch miteinander verwoben , jedes Element, jeder Punkt ein Hinweis, von dem man erst wusste, dass man ihn kannte, als er freigelegt wurde. Und dann wurde einem wie bei einer Lawine klar, dass man die Hinweise schon die ganze Zeit über hatte, die man wissen musste. " -Valentina

Rezension zu „Empire of Lust“.

„In diesem Buch steckt alles. Düster und düster. Zwangsverheiratung/Gefangenschaft. Es ist eine brillante Balance aus allem, was Liebhaber dunkler Romantik brauchen, und gerade genug, um diejenigen, die noch am Zaun sind, in Versuchung zu führen.“ -Leser zusammen

Rezension zu Savage Vow

Dieses Buch ist düster und faszinierend und ich habe jedes Wort geliebt. Ich war von diesen Charakteren verzaubert und konnte nicht aufhören zu lesen.“ – Bookbub Review

Rezension zu „Vow to Protect“.

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